What We Do


We provide a wide array of services for those struggling with addiction. We know that there is no one size fits all plan when it comes to treatment, which is why we have made sure that the services we provide are accessible. We offer treatment options to suit a wide variety of needs and preferences.

We offer Narcotics Anonymous meetings. We hold space for and facilitate these meetings because they are an invaluable tool for recovery. Narcotics Anonymous meetings allow for peer support and help to create a sense of community around the recovery process. The Narcotics Anonymous program also allows recovering addicts to connect with a sponsor if they choose to do so. The added support that comes from having a sponsor is reported to be very helpful while recovering.

At Blog Zoop, we know the importance of educating the public about addiction. That is why we have developed classes to teach people about it.

We inform the public about the warning signs, and about the things that they can do to best be of support to the people in their lives that are struggling with addiction. When you are dealing with something as serious as heroin addiction, it is essential to consult with professionals when learning about how to handle it.

We also offer classes that are designed to help recovering addicts develop healthier coping mechanisms. Learning about and developing healthy coping mechanism can help to prevent relapse in the future. We offer one on one classes, as well as group classes.

For those that are looking for extra support after exiting inpatient treatment, we have a referral program which allows recovering addicts to connect with counselors that specialize in addiction. This added support is incredibly beneficial when it comes to reducing the likelihood of relapse.